2geda.Net Revolutionizing Technology . The name 2geda is originated from the word “TOGETHER”, Oxford dictionary defines it as “AT THE SAME TIME, IN THE SAME PLACE, IN CLOSE ASSOCIATION.” The word NET is originated from the word “NETWORK” which is defines as “A GROUP OR SYSTEM OF INTERCONNECTED PEOPLE OR THINGS.” These words were merged as one to pronounce 2geda.Net. A Social Media Website connecting people 2geda. Globally, Technology advancement is upgrading per second and expanding into communities where Technology doesn’t exist by introducing mobile phones and other technological gadget as introduction / start-up. The introduction of mobile phone to Nigeria is the major technological impact that have affected the Country, attracting Several technology platforms which have been accepted by 55% of Mobile Phone users in Nigeria. Social Networking is define as a form of electronic communication (such as social networking and blogging) through which user create online communities to share information, ideas , personal massages and other content (such as video/audio/files). Social Networking is ALSO define as Combination of frequent internet users and per time internet users around the world have acknowledged the importance of showcasing themselves and their businesses on social media in order to connect to close/ distance friends and families and attract clients for their businesses.


45% of Nigerian youths spend 12 to 15 hours of their time on their social media accounts daily, even when they are off Airtime, the strive to purchase / borrow Data bundle to browse the internet. This has prompted some social media website owners to collaborate with Network Service Providers to grant free access browsing their social media website for free without data bundle. At the moment, there are no Nigerian made / developed Social Media website making waves in the Country. Nigerians have only been contributing to the traffic of other existing social Media Websites around the world, mainly because a Social Media Website to meet our direct need is yet to exist, which is the purpose of re – unveiling 2geda.Net now. Most Nigerian Internet users are yet to understand the difference between Social Media websites and Blogs, since blog is making waves in the Country as Social Media is Making around the World.


Entertainment platform “to view, upload and download videos such as YouTube”

Bulk Sms

Free advert

Instant messaging

Updates from the Social Media Website administrators

                           Fashion and Life Style Update

                           Constant News and health update


Ability to share different kind of files on as Status

                             Game Sharing / Playing online

                             File Sharing “Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Spread Sheet, Adobe PDF, etc.

                            Content Sharing from 2geda.Net to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ e.t.c.

                            Mp3 / Mp4 file sharing as status

                           Application setup sharing

Value added Concepts

                       Unique Personal identification Code “2geda.Net Code eg. “2gLORD”

                        Personal profile theme decoration


                      Law Hub “ a forum for discussion and enlightenment of legal issues”

                      eLearning “a Computer learning forum”

                      Forum for rectifying technical issues regarding Computer gadgets.


2geda.Net Entertainment platform is a platform that granted access to registered user of the website to upload, download, View, listen rate and share videos and audios on the portal. It granted access to un registered users to View, listen and download videos and audios only.

Microsoft / PDF File Sharing functions were all combined for the comfort of students in higher institution in order to grant easy access to handout sharing and reading.

2geda SmS: As social media website usage is increasing daily, so the use of customized Short messaging System (SMS), putting 2geda the most used platforms on the internet on one platform, Bulk Sms is added as a unique feature to drive in income for the website maintenance and running cost of the social media website.

Free Advertising: in order to drive in active users to a social media website portal, all features of the website are to be accessible for free not to limit access of the website users to all end of the website because, 95% if Social media website users wont pay for internet advertising on a website yet to be recognized / yet to have traffic. This made us allowed free advertising for a long period of time.

Instant messaging: This real time instant messaging system technology integration to  2geda.net was a plus to the portal function, the difficulties and investment of pulling internet users from their frequently used Instant messenger, paused the action of having much users chatting on the portal but updating status and placing Adverts.

Fashion and Life Style Update: is a feature that constantly updates latest happenings around the world, from hair styles to clothing to foot wares added with lifestyles of celebrities and notable people around the world.

News and health update: News and health tips are a feature administrated by administrators to load the website with content of latest news around the world and educate users daily on health maintenance to live healthy.

Gossips: these unconstrained conversation or reports involving details which are not confirmed as true are being verified by administrators and posted to keep the website busy, where users still see them as gossips, these feature keeps user busy by posting their views about the gossip on the website before they confirm them as true.

Game Sharing / playing online: Ability to share and play different kind of games online, was integrated for the sake of users who love playing game with different people whom are that particular game professionals they don’t have access to see physically.  This features make most users come online on game appointment with their other parties.

Content Sharing from 2geda.net to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ e.t.c: sharing all contents updated on 2geda.net on all other existing Social Media Website was made accessible. This feature allows 2geda.Net to control users contents on other Social Media Accounts.

Mp3 / Mp4 file sharing on Timeline: the idea of posting video and audio files and make them downloadable from the social media website, is to enable Massive Advert and Publicity for entertainers. This concept started on 2geda.net, after which all other Social Media Website globally now use the same feature but yet to make their files downloadable for users.

Application setup sharing on timeline: the integration of setup posting was added to aid Computer programmers and internet users who find it hard to get some particular Application setup I case of emergency.

Unique Personal identification Code “2geda.Net Code e.g.: “2gLORD”: excluding full name and user handle, 2geda.Net unique “PIN” is short and memorable. The 6 alphabets and numbers starting from “2G” which mean (2geda). This pin distinguishes between username & handle to stand out as the website identity. Two users cannot share the same name.

Personal profile theme decoration: advert placement and ability for users having full control over their social media website theme, 2geda.Net was programmed with built in graphics theme which grant users access to upload their advertisement banners as their part theme.

Law Hub “ a forum for discussion and enlightenment of legal issues: 2geda.Net sees Social Media beyond fun but also an avenue to educate all especially business people on legal issues. This law hub is a forum where issues / questions about legal issues are constantly discussed.

Nigeria Law School Victoria Island Lagos 2015 set took their evening group meetings to 2geda.Net.

eLearning “a Computer learning forum”: Educational computer studies tips are constantly updated on this platform daily, to foster technological education among social media website users. This avenue provides access for questions and answers.

Forum for rectifying technical issues regarding Computer gadgets: due to gadget disappointments at anytime, provision for technicians and gadget users to discuss rectification and upgrade to gadget issues.

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